Waterglobe Productions was founded in 1998 by Marko T Wramén. Marko is a Swedish author, photographer, journalist, publisher, filmmaker and artist.

Main activities are:

Writing – books and magazine/newspaper stories
Photography – on land, underwater, in the air
Filmmaking – on land, underwater, in the air
Publishing books at our publishing house Förlag Waterglobe Productions

Marko T Wramén, born 1968 at Möllevången, Malmö in Southern Sweden, has a diverse background.

He patrolled the Soviet side of the Baltic sea in a submarine during the cold war, worked as a captain of an underwater safari boat, served twice in International peace-keeping forces in the Balkans, documented aid work on the Gaza strip and the West Bank and was a photo stringer in Brussels, covering EU Politics. He is also an International election observer and the chairman of a polling station in Sweden.

But that are just his side careers.

He is an author, journalist and photographer at heart, having wielded pen and camera in 70 countries, writing and taking photos to hundreds of travel stories and many books.
Curiosity is a lead word, travelling a lifestyle and the underwater world a passion.
Marko often works together with his wife Anna W Thorbjörnsson.

Marko T Wramén